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Conversations & Insights that Inspire Change

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Achieving Change Together

Having time space to reflect, challenge and explore can unlock the most creative, sustainable and transformational solutions. Working with a partner who can create a safe space for courageous conversations can facilitate that thinking to generate much deeper insight. This underpins my approach as Consultant and Coach, and I work in partnership to:

  • support leaders to grow, build their confidence and harness their own power to influence social change

  • support those making significant changes in their career, as they explore new opportunities or in transition 

  • support organisations to achieve social change through collaborating and innovation, driving scalable, inclusive and measurable impact.


About me

"Believe in yourself. Seize the opportunities that come your way - you may not know where they are going but make the most of them."

My own journey comes from a focus on the development of leaders across society - supporting them to harness their own power to influence social change and to build an inclusive culture.


With a 30 year career across the business and charity sectors, I bring a truly rounded perspective and broad range of experience to initiatives with the good of society at their heart - from driving a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment, to meaningful, measurable and impactful community investment.


I have a passion for executive coaching - the powerful belief that with the right questions and by creating a safe space, the very best solutions can be discovered.


My aim is to channel all of this towards supporting great organisations and inspiring leaders in a shared commitment to driving societal change.

Coaching & Consulting Opportunities

I am passionate about supporting individuals and organisations committed to driving social change: From acting as Consultant, advising on inclusive strategic initiatives that generate insight and long-term change, to Executive Coach, partnering with a leader to tackle a significant dilemma or explore transformational thinking. 

Breakthrough  Coaching session

Single session

One-off exploratory coaching conversation to consider a specific challenge, break through a log-jam of thinking, or explore a new career chapter or path.

Transformation Coaching sessions

Three - Six months

A series of coaching conversations over 6-12 sessions to explore leadership dilemmas, challenging decisions or career transitions in a safe and supportive environment.

Strategic Insight  Consultation

One-off or Time-specific ​

Consultancy initiatives in the fields of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion or ESG including: strategic frameworks; research & analysis; impact reporting; engagement & communications campaigns

What people say...

“Paulette has an incredible skill for active listening and, through thoughtful questioning...guides me towards invaluable insights and actionable steps that will significantly improve my quality of life...she has created a deep sense of trust and psychological safety, enabling me to share freely and honestly towards some clear goals."

Claire, UN Agency

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