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Consulting & Coaching Opportunities

My commitment is:

  • to act as a Consultant advising on socially-driven & inclusive strategic initiatives that generate insight &achieve long-term change

  • to partner with experienced and aspiring leaders as an Executive Coach to explore strategic challenges or career dilemmas.

​We will have the opportunity to explore transformational thinking, together.


Breakthrough Coaching Session

If you are exploring the possibility of coaching for the first time, or are perhaps facing a particular challenge that would benefit from some constructive challenge, this session is for you. We can spend between 60 and 90 minutes working towards your specific outcome.

This could be the breakthrough you need.

Transformation Coaching Sessions

From making a life-changing career decision, to starting a new chapter: From solving a highly complex operational challenge to considering the next strategic decision. Sometimes the time and safe space to explore your options, challenged by a series of curious questions, is what you need.

You should find this truly transformational.

Strategic Insight  Consultation

In the evolving world of diversity, equity and inclusion, and driving social change gaining objective, experienced insight can be invaluable. An external consultant can help create a strategic framework, provide insight on engagement and campaigns, & increase accountable, transparent reporting.

Increase the impact of your strategy.

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